Punk rock infused reggae, hip hop back beats, and pop melodies from the soul. Big Yen is the artistic fruit of Charleston based musical gardener, James Frolio. A big-hearted poet, James’s story has a feel-good vibe with life lessons, loss, love, and being real to yourself and others.

Yen, in Chinese, means a lifelong yearning or desire. In this case, Big Yen is the strong desire to make music that truly moves people.

Big Yen features a revolving line up of Frolio’s close friends and creative collaborators; Since performing alongside up and coming regional acts such as Of Good Nature, Feel Free, Tyler Boone, and others, Frolio comments that: “My only guarantee, is that any song will have my whole soul in it.”

Big Yen’s debut Self Titled EP was released in February 2020 and was produced by Grammy award winning recording engineer, Elliott Elsey, and its single “Backflip” produced by John Shields of the rambunctious hip hop duo Little Stranger.