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“Punkadelic Music”

Good music isn’t just one thing. After a first listen it’s obvious that songwriter James Frolio ins’t tethered by genre. Punk rock imagery, hip-hop back-beats, and Grateful Dead-inspired tones are meshed with leafy acoustic melodies, rhythmic verses, themes of personal growth, and cosmic perspectives. 

Yet somehow all these find some pop sensibility in James’s writing style. Fascinated by the creative process and the impact from inspiration, James has a knack for music that moves you.

Big Yen features a revolving line up of Frolio’s close friends and creative collaborators which allows for many different flavors and influences to color the music and message. The 2020 debut single, Backflip, was produced by John Shields of the rambunctious Hip Hip duo, Little Stranger. 

Recently relocated from Charleston, South Carolina to San Diego, California, James has feen making records in the studio for years and now combines his unique southern singer/songwriter experience with a Californian sonic palette for his newest upcoming debut full-length LP.

“Yen, in Chinese, means a lifelong yearning or desire. In this case, Big Yen is the desire to make an impact and inspire others. I love that it even begs the question: What’s your Big Yen?” – Frolio

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