Big Yen is Punkadelic music

Songwriter James Frolio’s unique brew of Psychedelic hip hop, punk rock, and an added reggae garnish comes close to describing this potent musical mixed drink.

Cosmic perspectives and positive philosophies permeate into rock, hip hop verses, and dub reggae interludes. It’s no filler, all killer, music from the soul so we can all get down no matter the crowd.

Yen means a lifelong yearning or desire. So Big Yen is that desire to create music from the soul, inspire others to follow their dreams, and throw down dope energy every time! 

“We’re definitely not your average band. It’s all about being yourself and sharing that with the world. If that’s not punk rock I don’t know what is. So I guess that’s my big yen, whats yours?”

Look out for the energetic yet ice-chilled punkadelic Big Yen on tour and come rock with us in your city!

Based in San Diego CA, Frolio & the boys have crushed shows all across America alongside up and coming National touring acts such as Little Stranger, Of Good Nature, The Destinators, Feel Free, Sun Dried Vibes, Treehouse! and many more!

The 2020 debut single “Backflip” was a smooth production collaboration with John Shields of the rambunctious hip hop duo: Little Stranger and the newest “punkadelic” EP is set to drop this Fall 2022

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